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Feature Request: View user activity


It would be great to be able to view user activity like

  • activities in testsuites (test added, modified, etc) over some time span
  • activities in testrun/testplans (pass, fail, blocked posted) over some time span




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we’ve got this request before and it’s on our list. We’ve thought about adding such reports to the initial list of built-in reports for the next TestRail version but they won’t be included as it looks right now (but this can still change). If they won’t be included, we will look into for one of the next versions then. What will be included however, is a user workload report which shows the current workload for users for a specific scope (milestone, test plan, test run, etc.), so you can plan your resources efficiently.



Hello Tobias,

I really miss something like Dashboard where I can se my last activities(created and changed test cases, test runs etc.),
without creating some reports.
Reports are not dynamic, I need to run it consistently.

Actually such a thing is default feature of other collaborating tools.

Best regards,