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Feature request: View into test cases without clicking Edit


It is common for us to “stub out” a Test Suite with Test Case Titles and then go back and enter the actual test cases and/or expected results at a later date. It would be extremely helpful to be able to see if a test case already has steps and/or expected results defined without having to click Edit. Perhaps, in the Test Suite, there could be two additional icons visible on the right hand side next to the Edit and Delete icons that would indicate the presence of a test case and/or expected results. The icon(s) only appear if the respective information exists.


We added a Custom checkbox called Steps Incl that can be checked if steps have been added. Then you can change the fields to include the custom checkbox on the Test Suites & Cases screen.

Not sure how it was added - I think the instructions can be found in the forums.


Hello Lisa,

Thanks for your posting. I would also recommend adding a custom flag for this and you can do this with a custom field as Brian mentioned (thanks!):

You can then add this field to the test case tables using the Select Columns dialog (just click on the column icon in the upper right of a table to open this dialog):

I hope this helps!



Some kind of “preview” for a test case would nevertheless be a great addition. Like the pop-up you get when you hover above a JIRA-link in TestRail.


Thanks for your feedback on this. Yep, that’s already planned and we would like to support this similar to the concept to the JIRA integration.