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Feature Request: Version and Custom Fields as part of Test Run


I’m currently evaluating the software. Overall our testers really like the clean interface and usability but they all had the same workflow comment. Currently it appears the only way to set custom fields and also ‘version tested’ is when adding a test result to each test case. This became very tedious for them when typically all of the test cases within a given test run share the same version and custom fields (used for our platform variants). With our workflow I doubt we’d ever execute tests within the same test run against different versions or on different platforms.

It would be very useful if, when creating a new test run, it was possible to set the version and any custom fields such as OS, browser, etc for the whole run . The existing add results interface could remain exactly the same, the fields would just have defaults from any values set at test run creation.



Hi Ross,

Thanks for your posting and my apologies for the delayed response, there was an issue with our message notification. Let me address your points below:

Version field: when you usually execute your tests against the same version within a test suite, it’s not necessary to specify the version field for each and every test result. This is also one of the reasons this field is optionally. You can of course also simple include the version in the run’s title, or if this is sufficient, simply use TestRail’s milestones to track the version the tests where executed against. You could still use the Version field to track build numbers on occasion (e.g. when testers used a specific build for a test) when it makes, and leave the field empty otherwise.

Default values: if you have some meta information that you would want to track for the entire run, you could either store this as part of the run’s title (as suggested above), or store this in the description field. When you don’t specify a a field for a test result, this field is also not listed in the test result history. This way only the actual fields that differentiate the result from other tests (e.g. within the same run) are actually listed.

I hope this helps. Just let me know if you have any further questions or comments.