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Feature Request: Variables and/or Shared Steps


I am just finishing up writing a bunch of test cases for some auditing triggers Im adding to a database. Each test case relates to a particular table in the database and contains three steps for insert, update, and delete actions on the table. Its all repetitive, copying the same text over and over again and just changing the table name in the steps.

It would be handy if testrail supported shared steps or something that could take variables.



Thanks for your posting. You could use “base” test cases in this case, i.e. regular test cases that include the steps and are referenced by other test cases (which just specify the table name or other variables). You can include test cases in the standard rich-text text boxes as follows:

This includes a link back to the case with the ID 17.

It’s also already planned to improve the sharing of data between test cases and also look into providing direct support for variables.