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Feature Request: Upload attachment to test result in mini API


Hello guys.

Also want to see this feature if its possible.
Do you have any expectations?

Thank you.


Hello Kirikami,

We do not have an update for this at the moment, but the workaround to upload the files separately and link to the files from your test cases or test results would still work.



+1 from us too!

Thank you!


Added to the list, thanks for your feedback!



Is there any update on this? Uploading files to test results via the API would be very helpful.


Hello Bobby,

Thanks for your feedback! We don’t currently have an update for this feature request currently but are actively looking into it (I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks!). The workaround/alternative would be to upload the files/attachments to an external location and then add a link to the test result.



Its would be great to get the attachments up and running but how about a camera snap tool also for screen shots and an undo button for the next few releases.




Hello Sian,

You would already be able to use any standard screenshot tool with TestRail, such as the free Evernote Skitch tool. For TestRail’s next update (5.2) we also plan to make it even easier to attach screenshots via drag&drop and copy/paste.


We are very new to this tool, I used TestDirector (HPQC, ALM) for many years and a few other tools. I like TestRail because it is not over complicated. Currently we don’t have any tools attached but I shall have a look at Evernote and thanks for the advice. I look forward to all new versions of TestRail, keep up the good work.

Have a great Christmas.

Thanks Sian


Thanks, Sian, sounds good! Please let us know in case any questions come up, we are happy to help.

Have a great Christmas as well :smile:




We have been using test rail for a few years now and are generally please with it. I have mention the v2 API is much easier to use than the previous one - especially add_results (cut our result upload time from 15 minutes per run to 15 seconds :sunglasses:).

One thing we would like to do is upload testing artifacts from failing (in our case screenshots, logs and pcaps (small ones)). Having this attached to individual test results will really help us triage failures more quickly as we currently need to download the zip file from our CI server and match the artifact by comparing the name - which all eats time.

Do you have an estimated ETA for this feature (or a bug we can track)? Always worries me when a feature request has been open for a long time (>4 years in this case) that it won’t get implemented.



Hello Tim,

Thanks for your feedback and great to hear that the new API works better for you :slight_smile: It’s definitely still planned to look into adding attachment support for the API. It was not really practical to add this to the old API for several reasons, but now that the new API has been available for a while and has most of the basic and advanced features covered, it’s planned to look into this again. Uploading attachments to an external location and including a link with the test results is also an option in the meantime and this is more or less the same as uploading the attachments to TestRail. Would this work for you as a workaround in the meantime?



Now that 5.2 allows for much improved attachment uploading and handling (copy/paste is awesome!) it is just that much more painful that there is no way to share out the images and such that are attached.

So +1 for me on the attachment API request, but i also had another idea:
Would it be possible for the link created for an attached file during the defect process to be fully pathed so the URL would be navigable (assuming Apache is configured to allow access to the attachments directory)

It just kills my developers that they cant see the screenshots when i push a defect into redmine. And they dont have access to testrail, so linking to the case and having them look it up there is not an option either.


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your posting! Great to hear that you enjoy the 5.2 :slightly_smiling:

Happy to add another vote to the attachment feature request for the API.

Regarding the attachments: it would be possible to access the attachments directly without going through TestRail and you would need to make the attachment directory publicly accessible via your web server configuration. We usually don’t recommend this as TestRail’s permissions wouldn’t apply in this case but this would be an option. The attachments on disk have a different filename/URL when compared to accessing it through TestRail (attachments/view/###) though.

The better option and the one we would recommend though is giving your developers access to TestRail as well. In addition to having access to the screenshots, we found that this significantly improves the testing productivity of the entire team (as developers can give direct feedback in TestRail, set test statuses to Retest, see all test results, etc.).

I hope this helps!



+1 ver much need this feature to upload test results.


Thanks for your feedback, Rama, added another vote :slightly_smiling:



Any update on this feature request please, I would like to up vote this too.


Hello Ankit,

Thanks for your feedback! We currently don’t have an estimate for this feature but I’m happy to add another vote. We can recommend the workaround of uploading the file to an external location and simply including a link/embed the screenshot as part of your result description.



We currently don’t have an estimate for this feature but I’m happy to add another vote

This topic has had > 1000 views now, surely it’s popular enough to be planned into a release by now :wink:


Hello Glenn :slight_smile:

Yep, this feature request got really popular and this is an important factor for us for future TestRail versions.