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Feature Request: TSiSessionClass


Please support a
TSiSessionClass = class of TSiSession
and a factory function inside TSmartInspect
function GetSessionClass: TSiSessionClass; virtual;

This could be used to extend public logging methods or own implemented logging interfaces.

Best regards,


Hi Mirko,

Good idea, thanks, I added your suggestion to our feature request list. You can already use custom session classes with the current SmartInspect version by creating them manually instead of using AddSession:

You can even store it in the TSmartInspect object so that you do not need to free it yourself (and can also look it up later):

Would this work for you? Hope this helps.



Hi Tobias,

Danke für den Tip!! Das manuelle Instanzieren geht - unsere erweiterten Sessions funktioneren dadurch ebenfalls :slight_smile:



Hallo Mirko,

Danke für das Feedback. Freut mich zu hören, dass es gut funktioniert. :slight_smile: