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Feature request: Trash bin for deleted test cases


It would be more convenient to have “trash” folder or property for deleted items instead of deleting them or moving to specific folder called Trash.
Moving to folder is inconvenient as if I later plan Test Run and want to folder all cases by field values I often see “Deleted” cases in the filter (because their field values correspond to selected filter).


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for the suggestion. You can alternatively add a custom field (such as “Deleted” or “Retired”/“Obsolete”) if you don’t want to fully delete no longer needed test cases (and use this field to filter out test cases when creating test runs & plans).

We usually recommend closing finished test runs and this will automatically create internal test case copies. This means that you can delete no longer needed test cases from your test suites/case repositories and this wouldn’t affect closed test runs & plans in any way.



I am simply trying find out I can delete a test case. The test case in question was made inadvertently and I want to simply delete it. I find no reference in the forum on how to do it. Any assistance for this would be appreciated.


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting! If you have the permission to delete cases, you would find a delete icon when hovering over the case on the Test Cases tab. This looks similar to the following (just the background, ignore the filter):

The same is available for entire sections if you hover over the section name above the tables. If you don’t see the delete icons, you would need to ask your TR administrator to delete it for you, or ask for the permissions to delete it yourself. The permissions for users can be configured in the administration area on Administration > Users & Roles:

I hope this helps!