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Feature Request: Total time for TestRun to be displayed on overview


On the overview page for a test run (testrail/index.php?/runs/view/), it would be useful to see the overall time taken for the test.

There is no way of seeing this information, other than opening up each test case and manually adding up all of the test times that were logged.

Note: This is completely separate to the ‘Estimated Times’.



You can already add a new column (Elapsed/Elapsed All) to the test tables which shows the Elapsed value for the test results. It is also planned to display an aggregated elapsed value for a test run (e.g. on the Progress page).

(This shows the test suite page, but this looks similar for the test runs. Just click the column icon on the right of a test table to change the columns)



Sorry, I know about that functionality - it was the ‘Overall’ test time for the test run that I need to see displayed on the overview page. (Or the aggregated elapsed as you call it)

But great to hear this addition is already planned.


Yes, this is planned. We don’t have an expected release date for this currently, but we will make sure to look into it again for one of the versions after the next update (2.7; which is already feature-complete).



It’s been 6 years, and I still don’t see this feature. Is this still on your roadmap? We have integrated testrail very tightly into our automation efforts and really need to know how long each test pass takes. Right now we have to manually export the results, open in excel, add all of the ‘elapsed’ values together, and then inject that back into our automation framework’s database. Ideally we’d like to store that value in TestRail (or have it auto-calculated since you have all of the data) which is our SOR for all things test related.


I am interested in this feature too.