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Feature request to be able to add description for section/sub section


Hi Dennis

There was a request from someone else way back in Sep 2009. I’m running into this ‘limitation’ - let me explain my scenario.

We are in this project phase where we are reevaluating/re-architecturing/replacing or in some cases removing batch job in this pool of batch jobs we currently have.

So my test suite is e.g. “Mega pool of batch jobs” and I will have separate sections for each type of batch jobs and they are very different cases where I need to have description for each grouping.

Work around for now. I have all my descriptions for all my 8 sections in the Test Suite description but ideally it would be better, more readable to have it just above each section.



Hi Roy,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we had multiple requests for description and other fields for test sections and we are looking into this. I agree that it would be useful to have this and this would allow you to add additional context information to the test suite. Storing these details in the test suite description field itself as you mentioned would be a workaround in the meantime but we will consider adding additional fields to sections in future update.



Hi Dennis,

This is a feature that’d be very much appreciated by us as well!
Do you have it in your plans yet?



Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s currently not on our short-term list of todos/features but we will make sure to consider it for one of the updates after the next one. I can certainly see how this would be useful to have and we will think about ways to add additional details to the sections.