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Feature Request: Three pane view - edit test case

Hi, I’m not sure if this is already implemented or not in TestRail 5.3 but it would be nice to be able to quickly edit test cases in the three pane view. When I’m adding cases to our test suite, it’s frustrating to have to open up a new tab in order to edit the test case and enter the expected values, preconditions, summary, etc.


Hi David,

Thanks for your posting and feedback! Not yet available but already on our feature request list and planned to look into. It’s a complex feature if we want to support all possible edit options and field types so this would likely be part of a larger release rather than a small update.



Getting into Testrail as a new user i find it really nice so far! But would also like ti see a quick edit feature in the three pane view.

From a Run? I would assume from a Test Run and this can be done for awhile now. There is a bug with the 3 pane view in a test Run where the user is not taken back to the Test Run but that is expected to be fixed in 6.2.x or 6.3.

Sorry for not clarifying.
From within the test suit.
I have started populating with test cases and while the 3 pane is very useful it would be nice to edit within the preview pane directly without having to actually load each page and edit inside.

Like this?


for the love of me i haven’t seen this option…

Same way it is done in the Test Run view - click the > on one of the test cases.

There is a bug with 6.1 where the 3 pane view is not kept but they are working on fixing that.

Yeah i havent got my feet wet there yet (test runs) but as far as test cases go inside a test suit i don’t have that specific edit option that shows in your last image.

Don’t know if its an admin setting though.

It should not be - as long as the Role you have for your user has Test Case Edit/Create permissions… The first image in the linked thread is what you should look for in the Test Case in the Test Suites to open the 3 pane view.

As i said this is missing from my view either on test run 3 pane view and on the test case/suite 3 pane view.

Version :

I checked my prod environment that is at 6.1 and it does not show the Edit on the Test Case in Test Suites but my Test environment on 6.2.x does show it (where the screenshots came from) so it is available in 6.2

Sorry for the confusion - I like to use our test environment as I don’t have to hide ant details.

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Not a problem.
And thank you for the time, you answered my question :slightly_smiling_face:
I will wait for 6.2 i suppose :stuck_out_tongue: