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Feature Request - Testrail remembers last used folder/subsection



I have a pretty simple request that I think would make things a lot more smoother for me when I am quickly switching back and fourth between my test runs and test cases.

Say I have three folders in my test case section, folders A, B, and C. I’m currently working on folder C. I switch to my test executions and realize I need more test cases so I switch back to the test case tab. However, instead of seeing where i left off, I am brought back to see the contents of folder A.

I’d like to submit a feature request that TestRail remembers what folder and subsection I am working in.



Hi Michael,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail already remembers the location when you switch between tests and test runs. If you switch the main tabs (e.g. from Test Runs & Results to Test Cases), TestRail will not remember/restore the group/section because most times you would like to see the first group/section when you open a test run again. I would recommend opening the test suite/case repository in a separate tab to add a new case and then simply closing the tab again afterwards. This way you not only keep the original group/section in the test run but also the run itself is still open and this requires less clicks than navigating back and forth between the run and the case repository.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the response. However, I would still like to make a request to have the option of TestRail remember the last used section. When I create a new section to test it always goes toward the bottom so I rarely need to see the first section as it is the oldest.

I’m currently using the two tab method because it is the only way around it, but I need to have many tabs open for work, and sometimes two different projects from testrail open at the same time, which requires me to have four tabs open. Having the option to simplify it into one tab would be very useful to me when I’m quickly reviewing my test cases.


Thanks for your feedback, Michael, happy to look into this for a future version!