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Feature Request: testcases in different projects to share history results


Hello :relaxed:

We have multiple projects that have generic test cases + project specific testcases. Just wondering if its possible to implement a way to see the results history of a generic test case from different projects?

It would make tracking changes made to the test case a lot easier, if it is associated with multiple JIRA issues or versions and might be useful for the time elapsed estimates.


Hi Dani,

Thanks for your post! Each project would have its own test case repository, and you wouldn’t be able to share test cases across multiple projects. In many cases, TestRail projects are used to manage separate applications altogether, so it wouldn’t always make sense to share results/history of a test case across projects. You can still link test cases from different projects to the same JIRA issue, and this might actually be beneficial as well to help organize/view results and elapsed times separately. As each project usually has a different scope, it’s just recommended to keep these separate, and if you need to reference a test case from another project in TestRail you can always link to it using TestRail’s link short code (e.g. [C123]). Hope this helps!