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Feature Request: test Start/Stop Progress button location


I would like the team to use the start/stop progress buttons when starting a testcase so that we can use the forecasting feature of TestRail.

However, the team feedback has been that it is too cumbersome to go to the testcase level and then press the button. Most of the team is looking at the list of tests in the the testrun view and just changing the status from untested to pass/fail. The team finds going back and forth between testrun and testcase view too annoying just to use this feature.

If the start/stop progress button can appear in the testrun view, I think the team would be much more inclined to use the feature.

Thoughts ?



Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, that’s a good point. There’s already a Progress column for tests which you can add via the Select Columns dialog (the column icon in the upper right of the tables) and it may be a good idea to add a Start/Stop Progress icon/button to this column. We will think about this and I’ve added this as a feature request for now.

That said, instead of going back and forth between tests and the test run page, you can also open tests in a new browser tab (and close this tab again after entering the test results) and this may be a good workaround for this.



opening a new tab has the same ‘extra overhead’ complaint from the team.
We’ll wait till there is some button that can displayed next to these tests.