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[Feature Request] Test Run filter for "unassigned"


TestRail has greatly improved my company’s organizing of our tests and test runs. There’s one feature that would really help us when we do regression test runs that are performed by multiple people, which is the ability to add a filter to only show unassigned tests in the run (similar to filtering by status or priority).

Currently we have test runs that for each “configuration” (e.g. CentOS 6 64-bit, CentOS 7 64-bit) are sorted by priority. Each one of about 20 testers assigns certain test cases to themselves to execute.

It would help us out if we could set a filter to show only unassigned test cases. While I can show only “untested” this includes both assigned and unassigned cases. I can sort by assignee but then I lose the sort by priority. Filtering to only show unassigned would be exactly what we need.

Filter by Result Fields

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for the post. This is a great suggestion and one that we have had before. We would be happy to look into this for a future release of TestRail. For the time being, one thing you could do is add a custom dropdown field that has a value of unassigned in it. You could then mark this value in any test case that is not assigned when created. Once the test case is assigned you could go in and modify this field. To sort you would be able to add this field as a column that you could sort on or filter on.

Please let me know if that would help.


Not helping at all. What you proposal will takes more effort and prone to human error.
Effort to change the drop down value every time it assigned
Mistake if people forgot to change it after the test cases was assigned.



Thanks for your feedback! We do have a feature request for this and I have added your vote to this as well.