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Feature Request: Test Plan Assignments and Sections


I have two requests that would help my team better handle the massive scope of our project.

Firstly, allow test runs to be assigned and have run-level assignment be visible from the Test Plan page. We have a lot of testers we can throw at different runs in our test plans at once, and having this be visible from the plan-level view would save us a lot of time- because it could help avoid the need to actually open a run to see if anyone’s working on it!

Secondly, allow another level of organization inside of a test plan. Currently, every unique run creates its own section, and it’s not possible to organize runs beyond that list unless you use configurations. Due to the scale of our project and the number of unique runs that will only ever be tested once, configurations aren’t an adequate solution for us. We’d like to be able to organize our runs into sections, for both visual ease of use and helping testers find related runs to claim and run all at once.

Please consider adding the development of these features to the next sprint!

I’d also like to be able to create runs on the test-plan level by importing a CSV containing name, description, suite, and test cases, but that’s a bit beyond the scope of this request. Our team developed an entire tool using dozens of man-hours to handle this via API, but I’d hope to save other teams getting into TestRail the time needed to do this if configurations is also a bad solution for their needs.

Thank you!