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Feature Request - Test Case titles span more than one line


Sometimes I have test cases that require a long title. Unfortunately, because the case title does not span more than one line, I cannot read the whole title. This becomes a problem when I have to print out pdfs and whoever reads the pdf cannot read the whole test case title.

Is it possible to expand test case titles to more than one line? This greatly helps when printing to PDFs


What version of Test Rail - with v 5.x long titles went to a second line when editing and in viewing most pages. I created a long title and printed the details to PDF and the PDF displayed 2 lines for the title.


It does display the two lines properly when you are printing a detailed test execution run, but I would like the title in the summary version to display to the second line as well. This also helps when I am reviewing a test test run and can quickly see what all of my cases are without having to click on it.


Hi Michael,

All table cells are shown without word-wrap and in a single row each in order to show as many test cases as possible in the tables. You can open the cases in the three-pane view and then hover over the title (this will show the full title):



Thanks, this does save me one step when editing test cases myself.

However, there is still the problem of this information not fully displaying when I print to PDF for an outline. Is there a way to toggle word wrap when printing to outline or runs summary? My supervisor does not want all the extra information of a detailed report, but would still like to be able to read my titles.


Hi Michael,

For PDFs, you would simply click on the printer icon and this will render the test cases with word-wrap enabled. There are two printing modes to choose from (outline and details), depending on the level of detail you wish to print.



This is an old request but I would like to look at again.
I require the test titles to wrap to a new line in the Test Runs & Results view.
This enables quick reference when looking down the list, and doesn’t mean the user has to hover the mouse to see the full title.

The ability to collapse the right side column would be a help, as this would reveal more of the test title. Could the panel collapse and the tabs be minimised?