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Feature Request: Test Case Status


It would be nice to be able to set the status of a test case. For example, I want to make sure that no one includes a test case that has a status of “Not Complete”


Thanks for the suggestion. We eventually want to add tagging to test cases (and maybe to other entities as well), I think that would work well in your case (with providing filters etc. when starting a new test run). Otherwise, in this special case I can also think of adding a “draft/not completed” mode for test cases. We’ll think about that, thanks!



This would be incredibly handy as most of the team responsible for writing our test cases reside in India, and it makes it hard to stay on top of which test cases have actually been completed. Any improvement in this area would be extremely helpful.



This feature would be useful to us as well; but, I think “status” already means something else in the tool. I like the term “tag”.


I added your votes to this feature request, thanks! Not sure yet whether this is better implemented as part of a more general tagging feature or directly as a ‘draft mode’ for cases. Currently I think a draft mode probably makes more sense for this particular feature.



I know this topic is a old one, but is Testrail in between able to manage in anyway, the absence of Drafted/Mocked Testcases, when creating a next milestone run?


Hi Steffen,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can already implement this with a test case custom field (can be added under Administration > Customizations):

(of type dropdown or multi-select, for example)

You can also easily base your case selection for runs/plans on this field via the Select Cases dialog on the plan/run forms. Would this work for you?