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Feature Request: Test Case review capability


We typically review all our testcases with test lead and some times with developers. It would be great if sections and testcases can have some customizable states and assignees and allow for commenting (similar to code commenting in

So would need the following in the test case fields

  • assignee (can assign to individual or a group, who are notified upon assignment)
  • state (under review, needs review, reviewed, obsolete, other customizable ones)

once you click on a test case, you can view the comments for that various assignees have made. comments can indicate that there is a bug in the test case or the test case is flawed, etc. Again, it is pretty much like Atlassian Crucible but without the connection to some source control.

We use atlassian crucible very effectively for junit tests or soapUI tests but the team of manual tester rely on excel sheets, emails, etc which is very inefficient and error prone.

Hope this made sense.

looking forward to your reply.




Hello Ali,

Thanks for the feedback. We have thought about implementing enhancements to support such a workflow and we’ve received multiple requests for this so far. It’s likely that we will support this eventually although we are not yet sure if it would be better to support this via custom fields or to add this as built-in functionality. I agree that this would be useful to have and we will look into this as we design the features and improvements for future updates.



I would also like this workflow very much. For the time being, we are using a custom field that is a dropdown. However, even this implementation is incomplete - because we cannot get the custom field to appear in the ‘view testcase’ page. It only appears when the user clicks ‘Edit’.

It would make the workaround much more effective if we can display custom fields in the “View Testcase” page.


Hello Medha,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s definitely planned to add the option to view additional (custom) fields on the overview pages and to make the columns customizable. This is one of the things we will likely work on after the next release.



I know this is a REALLY late reply, but it is relevant to our new instance of testrail. Has this been revisited at all as a development feature? Custom fields are nice, but it would be helpful to have baked into the application.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: We would still recommend using custom fields at this point to implement a review/approval process. It’s still planned to review this feature and look into adding it but it’s not yet available and many teams use custom fields to implement such a process. There aren’t many differences to having this as a built-in feature and a built-in implementation would likely also just use custom fields.



Hello Team,
Would like to know if this feature is live now? if not count my vote for it and any ETA on the same would help.


Hi Ankit,

Thanks for your posting. There’s no test case review functionality built-in but you can implement a similar functionality with custom fields. This approach is used by quite a few teams and this would be even a bit more flexible than a built-in feature (you can add exactly the fields you need). You can learn more about adding custom fields here:

Happy to help in case you have any further questions.



Relly like this feature to be implemented.


Hi, this feature will be of great us to us too. I have the following questions about custom fields for review:

  • Can we add a button to the test case window - say ‘Review’ which will change the state from the default ‘draft’ to ‘under review’
  • Can we add comments to the test case as a whole?
  • Can we put a workflow restrictions that wont allow test runs to be generated from test cases in say ‘draft’ state
  • Can a test case be assigned to a team member for review?


Hi, I have the following question about custom fields for Test Case review:

Can we restrict a particular user to not to change the status say from 'Ready to Review' to 'Reviewed' or possibility of having a filter where we can see the list of test cases that are changed by a particular user from  'Ready to Review' to 'Reviewed' status.


Hi All,

Thank you for this feedback, just wanted to let you know I’ve added all your votes to this feature request so we may better prioritizes this internally. Also we won’t for sure about the exact behavior of this feature until it’s officially released. I hope you all understand.