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Feature Request: Test Case Metrics


Much of the metrics available in TestRail focus on result metrics. I’d like to see similar metrics available for the development of tests. To allow for this, we would also need a status field for each Test Case.
In the future, advanced metrics would also be appreciated. Ideas such as burn rate for test development, defect find rate and test value would all be great tools to manage tests.


Hello Seth,

Thanks for your posting! There are already several case related reports on the Reports tab such as the activity summary (cases created and updated over time), reference coverage/traceability matrix and property distribution, or found defects for cases.

Regarding the status field: you can already look into using a custom field for this (e.g. of type Dropdown). Such a field could be used for various things such as serving as the basis for your case selection when you add runs & plans, or to report based on the status of your cases (with the property distribution report).

It’s also planned to look into adding a built-in Status field together with a flexible workflow system and it would make sense to look into dedicated status reports then as well, thanks for the suggestion!



Thanks Tobias, with reference to the metrics, I was addressing the bar and pie graphs available at the top of the Test Run pages. These could also be applied to the Test Suite & Cases pages if they had separate state fields.


Hello Seth,

Thanks for the additional details! You can already implement something similar by adding a custom field of type Dropdown and then using the Cases > Property Distribution report from the Reports tab (grouped by your status custom field). This will generate a bar chart with the attribute distribution of your status field across the selected test cases (e.g. entire case repository or a filter subset thereof).

I hope this helps!