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Feature Request: Test Case Instancing/Inheritance


Hi !

Compared to other testmanagement tools, testrail has many great features to offer. I like the look and feel of testrail. :slight_smile:
At the moment, our company is deciding which testing tool is the right one for us.

This feature requested ( Test Case Instancing/Inheritance ) would be a must.

Do you know when testrail will offer this feature ?
next 3 months, next year…



Hello Philip,

Thanks for your posting and the kind words. Great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail! We don’t currently have an estimate for this feature unfortunately. We currently focus on the next big feature version of TestRail (4.0) which focuses on improving the test suite and run pages (usability improvements, bulk-editing and much more). I’ve already bumped the priority of the instance/inherit feature and we will make sure to look into this again for one of the versions after the next one. I know this is a bit vague but we currently don’t have an estimate for this feature at this point.



I’m currently in the process of evaluating TestRail as a Test Management Tool for the company I work for.
I agree TestRail does have a nice feel with a number of useful features, but unfortunately we would need to have the ability to share common steps effectively between test cases.
(Maybe examples of how to overcome could be added into you support documentation?)

Also…Are you able to confirm the new features going into v4.0 and if possible what’s in the Roadmap for v5.0

many thanks


Hello Tina,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail 4.0 has been released in the meantime (and you may already use this version for your trial). You can learn more about the 4.0 on our blog:

We currently don’t have a fixed roadmap for the 5.0 and beyond. That said, most features we add are directly based on customer feedback and we understand that the feature of sharing test cases (e.g. between projects or suites) and better dependency management for test cases are important and it’s definitely planned to look into this for a future version.




I am implementing TestRail tool in our company. I raise another request for this feature.

We have processes which require having e.g. 5 test suites created with about 80% of test cases being the same in each one. Once test case is updated, they should be modified in each test suite at once. It would be even better if can decide at the beginning (test suite creation - copying test cases) if we want them to be linked (and modified immediately) or copied without link.

Do you have any updates on this? Could you please tell us when the feature is going to be implemented? Or how can we resolve the issue in another way?




Thanks for the feedback. We wouldn’t really recommend duplicating the test cases, but instead simply reusing them in test runs from the original suite. This way you don’t have to update the test cases in multiple locations. We highly recommend managing and organizing the test cases based on functional areas, not testing types or versions or similar. You can simply reuse test cases in the runs then and use the test case selection filter to select test cases based on type, priority etc. as needed. This works much better in our experience and this is generally true for both small and large projects.


+1 for this feature as well :slight_smile:

Since we work with Templates, modifying only the Template would be great!


Added to the list, thanks Steve! It’s definitely still planned to look into this but this feature is quite complex to get right and other features had a higher priority for most customers so far (e.g. other major features we added with TR 3.0 and 4.0 such as improved reporting, bulk-editing of cases, UI and navigation improvements and much more).



+1 here, lack of this feature is a headache for us too.

All my support to @purpleqa comment too, requesting information about how could we solve the issue with current possibilities as fix doesn’t seem to be coming soon.
Interesting to know the recommendation on organizing test cases by feature but IMHO it lacks details. Maybe a blog post, webcast or a more extensive example/article about how to organize this would make things easier, guess most of the people who face this problem are either evaluating TestRail or setting it up (and hence, they are newbies and don’t know the tool). If something like that already exists, please add a link to the discussion.



Hi Xavi,

Thanks for your feedback on this! We have plans to add in-depth and tips & best practices articles to our blog and I also think that test case organization would be an interesting topic to cover. I just added it to our list of our potential articles, thanks again!




any updates on this topic?




Has there been any update in the feature. We are looking for a test automation tool and our main requirement is reuse of test cases.

There are some common functionalities in our product that would be used in a few features. What we are looking for is a way to write the test cases once (like a test library) and be able to call/import the test cases as needed for various features. This will help with maintainability/reusability of the test cases. In case there is a change in one of the common functionalities, we will not be changing the test cases in all the places where they are used/called, but just change the main copy. This can be explained something like one to many mapping.