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Feature Request: Test Case Instancing/Inheritance


Following the standard class/subclass structure of most programming languages, it would be useful to be able to create individual test case classes (or superclasses) that could then be instanced or “inherited” by subclassed tested cases. This would allow the setup of individual master test cases with some nominal components shared by multiple child test cases that could be fleshed out and tweaked more from the parent. Expanding on this, it would be extremely useful to do this multiple times, subclassing subclasses and so forth.


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, improving the test case relations (e.g. with base cases, better case linking etc.) is certainly something we would like to see in TestRail as well. These features are already on our feature request list and we will make sure to consider them for future versions of TestRail (although we don’t currently have any concrete plans/time frames for this enhancement).

Thanks again,


The feature requested in this thread is a must for my team needs,
Please update about implementation status / planning.

  • Regading the topic - is “soft linking” to test cases panned ?
    For example : we need to create “generic test pool” and be able to soft link from different test suits to same test. Avoid copying/duplication and in this manner allow single point test case update which will be immedietly reflected in all suits.



Hello Vlad,

Thanks for your posting and for the feedback. Yes, we do have both feature requests (test case depencies/links as well as sharing test cases between test suites and projects) on our list. We do want to look into this for a TestRail update and I understand that this would be useful to have, especially the capability to share/soft-link test cases. I don’t have a time frame for this at the moment but it’s on our list of things to consider for an update.



I would like this as well.

  • Modifications to the source case should be reflected wherever this case is duplicated/re-used


Hello Knaledge,

I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks. As I’ve mentioned in the other posting, improving the flexibility of TestRail’s application structure is an important point for us and this feature certainly belongs to this task.



Are there any updates to this feature request?





Thanks for your postings. We don’t have an update for this feature request at this point unfortunately. We currently focus on improving other parts of the application for the next version (especially reporting & reports) but this point is also still on our list of things to look into.


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This a very needed feature! Please add ASAP!


Yes, it’s planned to look into this for one of the versions after the next one. We currently prepare the upcoming 3.0 release (available very soon) and concentrate on new versions after this release.



Any updates on this till now?! And on version 3 release as well?!



Hello lotos,

We don’t have an update on this specific feature request yet. Regarding the 3.0 release: we actually released TestRail 3.0 in July and you can learn more about the release on our website here:

I hope this helps!



we need that too!



I’ve added your vote to this feature request, thank you :slight_smile:



This feature has been “in the works” for almost 3 years now. The ability for testsuites to inherit testcases from parent suites is definitely more than just a nice-to-have in terms of test suite organization and administration. Here’s my use case…

My company has 60+ apis. I need a test case to verify that the api returns an appropriate error if mandatory fields are not submitted in the request. I don’t want to have 60+ copies of this test case stored in my TestSuites. All of which I would have to update if there was a change.

Please tell us that you this is more than just in the planning stages by now.



Hello Eddy,

Thanks for your posting. I understand that there are many scenarios where this may be useful but it’s still not yet available unfortunately. It’s still planned to add better ways of avoiding test case duplication and linking test cases is also our preferred solution for this. That said, while it’s a popular feature request, there are many features that are asked for more often (such as bulk-editing test cases) and we usually concentrate on the most popular feature requests first. I don’t have an estimate for this feature at this point, I hope you understand.

The recommended workaround for this is to use “base” test cases. Instead of copying/duplicating test cases, you would write/maintain your test case once and then simply reference them in the other test cases. You can do this in the text boxes via the [C#] syntax (e.g. [C17] would link to test case C17).

Again, as I mentioned this feature is definitely on our list and it’s likely that we will support this eventually.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.



Another request for this feature.

Right now it’s very inconvenient to have to click on links while running test cases, and to not be able to pass/fail individual steps from these linked test cases. Implementing this would make running and writing test cases much more efficient.

Just displaying the text from linked cases instead of having to click these links would be a step in the right direction.


Thanks for your feedback on this, that’s appreciated.