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Feature Request: Test Case Filtering


We use TestRail to monitor status of our testing, and when analyzing a specific run, we often want to see and understand what priority of tests have failed.

When looking for all the “failures”, we sort by status. When looking for all “high priority” items, we sort by priority. However we can’t find all of the “failed high priority” items because sorting by two fields is not supported.

It would be useful to support a filter in addition to sorting, similar to the case selection feature that would allow me to see a subset of a test run based on certain fields.


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. Filtering and additional enhancements are already planned for the test run page and we would like to see improvements in this area in one of the next versions. I’ve also added a request for sorting/grouping the tables by multiple fields.



Hi Dennis,
Filtering should also be available for testsuite/testcases tab.
For example, in this view

as a test manager, i need to frequently query my test repository to see what areas need to be updated, add more coverage, etc. Having filtering feature would help slice and dice the data that would be useful for test planning.


Hello Ali,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added this to our list of feature requests. What kind of filters are you interested in?



Sorry for butting in, but we’d be very interested in built in a ability to filter test cases across a given Project, rather than having to do this at a Test Suite level.

Especially considering we have a new test tagging feature in 2.7 - there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to retrieve all tests in a given project that have a given tag.

Our idea is to be able to tag all test cases with a given feature set / functionality / whatever, and then generate a test plan / give us a list that automatically includes all of these tests.

This would also need to work for copying / moving test cases to other suites / projects.

Our largest project has over 30 test suites so you can appreciate that filtering based on test suites is quite cumbersome in the current way!


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. How large are your test suites approx.? We usually recommend creating just a few test suites which makes it easier to create test runs and test plans based on filters etc. It is also planned to further improve the filtering behavior for many test suites/large projects.



Hi Tobias,

We have 49 test suites in one of our Projects, some of them have ~400 test cases, one has 815, and others are around the 100 - 200 mark.

We need this test suite structure as it maps to our functional areas of our software, and I’m not sure it would work nicely with >1000 test cases in our test suites both from a test management perspective and a browser slowness perspective.

I remember you guys talking about the possibility of creating a sub project structure when we were trialling TestRail, which would greatly help us with the organisation of our projects / products. We’d also like to be able to pull in test suites from different projects into a given test plan if possible.

All of the above would make our testers very happy - for now we can build something using the API to cover the generation of test plans based on given test tags across test suites, but there is no easy solution to pulling test suites in from different projects, unless we copy the test suite into our project and destroy it after the test run has finished (and been locked!).



Thanks for the additional details. It is planned to look into most of the topics you’ve mentioned including adding better support for really large test suites and/or better support for many test suites, better cross-project support etc. Most of these topics have in common that they affect many parts of the application, so we want to carefully implement/add those changes to make sure that all use cases are well supported and all customers are happy with the changes.



Hi Dennis,

I’m running into a very similar problem to the one gmcdonald posted about. I have a large number of test suites, with large numbers of cases in them. Are there any changes allowing for better searching of all suites in a project on the horizon?


Hi Lintonam,

Thanks for your reply! In most cases, we would just recommend using a single test case repository organized by sections and subsections instead of multiple test suites for your projects as this makes it easier to start new test runs, filter/search your test cases and navigate between your tests. That said, we know that this might not be suitable for all teams depending on the use case. We still have plans to look into adding cross-project and cross-suite support for filtering (apart from the built in search option at the top), however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA for this. I’m happy to add another vote for this on your behalf. Hope this helps!