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Feature request: tcl api support for testcase file attachments


Would really be helpful for test scripts to be able to attach files to testcase results



Thanks for your feedback. I agree that it would useful to have API methods to upload attachments (and link those attachments to test cases and results). We’ve also received this request a few times now and we will look into this for future API updates.



Is there a status for this request? It would be a wonderful thing to be able to attach screenshots to results.

Thank you!


Hello Christina,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not yet supported to upload attachments or images via the API (it is of course supported when you use TestRail via your web browser, though).

That said, TestRail 3.0 will come with a new API and attachment support will be added eventually but it’s not included with the initial version. You can work around this limitation by uploading the images elsewhere and then referencing the screenshot in the result comment as follows:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Are there any recent updates on this functionality?


Hello Duncan,

Thanks for your posting. We still recommend using the approach of uploading attachments/screenshots to an external location and including a link in the description. It’s also still planned to add full attachment support to the API (the new API added with TR 3.0).



Is there any update on this yet?

I would like to understand if TestRail supports attachment at test case level - if yes, what extensions are supported? e.g. .doc, .xls, .jpeg?


Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, test cases (and results) fully support attachments and you can attach files of any type/kind in TestRail’s user interface. You can also embed screenshots as part of the text fields:

This thread is about API support for attachments and while there’s currently no API for attaching files, TestRail itself fully supports attachments and you can attach files/screenshots/images to cases and results.