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Feature Request: Tasks List


I’ve been using Test Rail for a few days now and I’ve been enjoying the simplicity and ease of use.
I’m curious to know, are there any plans to implement a task list? This feature would work similar to how we use sticky notes; make a note/task for ourselves or assign it to others.
Any thoughts?



Might I suggest other tools such as, basecamp, and/or Confluence?

You said it yourself - simplicity is one of the major draws and keeping TestRail focused on what it does (test case management) is paramount.

There is a “To Do” list generated for users in TestRail when cases are assigned to them. Given the scope of the tool being paid for (TestRail) - that seems to be doing exactly what is needed.

What do you think?


Hello Ron,

Thanks for your posting and sorry for the late response. I wasn’t notified about the new topic for some reason (I will look into it). I would also recommend what Knaledge suggested: using an external tool to manage tasks such as Trello or Asana (which we currently use here at Gurock Software and are quite satisfied). You can also integrate TestRail with other tools via the defect/reference urls or even write a custom defect plugin for a more advanced integration:

For todos/tasks in TestRail, we usually recommend using the Todo page that was specifically designed to quickly process open tests with filters and support for adding test results directly on this page.

I hope this and just let me know in case you have any further questions.



I would suggest using Fluxes. It’s a simple web based task management tool. It’s free to use and offers unlimited access even for large teams. I really love their search function that you can use to find anything instantly.