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Feature Request : Support issue tracker integration at TestPlan,TestRun,TestResult level


I would like to see a feature added to testrail which allows me to associate issues/requirements at a with data structure in TestRail other than Test Cases (ie. Reference field).

This is because TestCases often support different implementations/variants of a requirement, and therefore testing of these needs to be separated and reported on differently.

A 1:many relationship exists between TestCase and JIRA - which needs to be reported and managed separately (both within TestRail and JIRA).

i.e. within I do not want to see all results for a test cases (only those under a particular testrun, testplan or even testresult level).



Thanks for reaching out! We currently have an open feature request to review this functionality for a future update to TestRail. I’m happy to add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.