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Feature Request: Subprojects or custom fields per testsuite


In our Company, we have many projects. Each project normaly has one or two hardwaredevices and up to three different softwares.

Each hardware and software need to have their own custom fields, but custom fields can only be applied to an whole project.

So actually I have to create subprojects “by myself” like “Project1/hw1” and “Project1/sw1” as projectname. This is not very comfortable.

The solution could be:

  1. Subprojects with each of them can have their own custom fields
  2. Custom fields per Testsuite

Personaly I would prefer solution 1.

Any thoughts on this?`

Regards, Jan Hofmann



Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using a naming convention to simulate sub-projects as you’ve already mentioned, e.g.:

Project 1 – hw1
Project 1 – sw1

We already have sub-projects or project folders on our feature request list but don’t see a lot of advantages to the approach above. Sub-projects may also introduce some difficulties/complexity as some users might expect that some properties of the parent project would be inherited by sub-projects (e.g. custom fields) while other users wouldn’t want this behavior. We currently recommend using normal projects side-by-side and using the same “namespace” to group them on the dashboard.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.