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Feature request: Sub-test cases


A huge win for us would be to have the ability to create sub-test cases.


Hello Lisa,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using sections and subsections to structure/organize test cases but I agree that subcases can be useful as well. Thanks for your feedback on this and I’ve added it to our list of things to look into.



Any update on this?


Hello Lisa,

Thanks for your posting. We still recommend sections and subsections to structure test cases. TestRail 4.0 added the option to add additional details to the section via the new description field and this helps with tracking additional context details. You can also look into using the separated steps field if you want to split test cases into smaller steps/expected result chunks:

You can then even assign a separate status/actual result per step in this case. Would this work for you?



I’m a new user. I want to set up linked test cases, each of which is dependent on the previous one, and each of which is performed by a different team. So for example:

  1. Front Office team input a new trade. They record the deal number and the case moves to Step 2.
  2. Middle Office team locate the trade and validate it. They confirm it’s OK and the case moves to Step 3.
  3. Back Office team locate the trade and check the confirmation.
    Is this achievable in TestRail, or are the links just not there?
    Thanks in advance.