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Feature request: Story testing status


Sorry if this was already asked:

As a QA lead I would like to see Current Status of testing per each story, that has Referenced TCs in TestRail.

So is there any chance to see the table in JIra? Example:

Referenced: 100
Executed: 80
Passed: 72
Failed: 5
Blocked: 3

per story

Thank you


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your posting. If you use the JIRA integration (our add-on), you can see the current status for all linked results & cases via the TestRail: Results tab in JIRA on the issue page:

High-level and low-level details are visible when you expand the result and this includes additional details about the run/milestone/project but also the full test result including screenshots, steps, comments etc.:



Yes, But I was talking about digital Statistics for execution,

Is it possible?

thank you


Hi Volodia,

Can you provide an example? What this be for the statistics on the issue level or for multiple issues? You can use the defect and reference related reports in the TestRail under the Reports tab to generate issue-based reports (e.g. case coverage, results comparison etc.).



Referenced: 100TCs
Executed: 98TCs
Passed: 88TCs
Failed: 5TCs
Blocked: 5TCs

I would like to see this statistics under each Story that is developed in current sprint, to be aware of testing status.


Hi Volodia,

The plugin will show all results in the TestRail: Results panel but currently no aggregate list of statuses/results (but details per test result). We are happy to look into this for a future version of the add-on, thanks again for your feedback!



Hi, thank you for your feedback on this subject,
When can we expect next update for testrail? what and how will be updated?

thank you


Hi Volodia,

We currently don’t have a fixed release date or scope for the next version. Work on the next version (likely 5.3) started a while ago but the scope or release date can still change and it’s not yet clear when the new version will be available.



Ok, thank you

Good luck with your update:)


Thanks, Volodia :slight_smile: