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Feature Request: Sticky option for Case filtering


I really like the Test Case filtering feature that was added in 2.5.0, but something it doesn’t do that I wish it did was reapply the filtering criteria for a reloaded Test Plan rather than using the previously selected cases.

For example, lets say I have a ‘System’ Test Plan that we choose to run as part of every Milestone. The first time I create this Test Plan, I load in a bunch of suites, and for each of them choose to Filter on the ‘Type’ field for the value ‘Regression’ and ‘Performance’, and continue on.

This works great for the first time I execute the plan, but by the next time I run the plan, I would have created more test cases of the types I was previously filtering on. If I were to reload the plan to run for the next Milestone, it would not include these new cases, but rather include the Test Cases that were included in the Test Plan when I originally ran it.

It would be nice if there were some checkbox option when selecting cases that re-evaluated test cases whenever you reloaded the test plan, otherwise I have to go through each suite and reapply the filter.



Thanks for your posting and the suggestion. This is certainly a valid point and I’ve just added it to our feature request list. We currently redesign some parts of TestRail for future versions and we will also make sure to consider this. How many test suites do you usually have in a test plan?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for considering this in future releases :). For my project, we typically have approximately 10 suites. It isn’t too much work to reapply the filter, just something we have to remember to do.



Hello Andy,

You are welcome and thanks for the additional details. We will make sure to look into this feature, I agree that this can be improved.




Myself and the rest of my team love the newer version of Test Rail, and we would ABSOLUTELY love to have this feature. We’ve actually used a custom field called “tags” to enter free-form tags to every case, similar to how a blog behaves. This gives us the ability to filter on these tags in numerous helpful ways, but each time we make a run or add cases, we need to reapply these filters.

I am glad to hear you are considering making sticky or saved filters a feature in a future release, and I know we would love to have this make our QA more efficient.



Hello Brian,

Thanks for your feedback and great to hear that you and your team enjoy the new version. :slight_smile:

It is definitely planned to look into this. That said, it’s not yet clear how this should be implemented. There are multiple options for this and we will look into it (e.g., a more explicit approach with saving/loading filters and maybe sharing them between users etc. or just remembering the last filter selection for a user, similar to how the Todo page behaves currently).