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Feature request: Steps and Expected Results display near


We are not using “multiple steps” feature of TestRail because it takes more effort to maintain steps in such way.
However our test cases do in fact have multiple steps - we are just using Steps field and number the steps in text:

  1. Login
  2. Go to some screen
  3. enter some data,
  4. tap save
    and so on.

And we are also numbering Expected Results in the same way - where we need to check results. e.g. 2. I see empty value
4. I see entered value
and so on.

And I guess it is a more or less a standard for test cases definition as I saw the same on many projects n different teams.

So - it would be much more easier if you could make display of such test cases more convenient:

  1. Display Steps and Expected Results fields near each other Steps at the left, while Expected Results at the right
  2. You could do it even better if you could parse texts and automatically line up lines using numbers (during test execution).

E.g I it would be cool to see:

  1. Login |
  2. Go to some screen | 2. I see empty value
  3. enter some data |
  4. tap save | 4. I see entered value
  5. and so on | …


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting and the suggestion. We recommend using the separated steps control in this case but I can see that using the more lightweight text-based fields also works well for steps. The separated steps field can already display the steps/expected results side by side (when editing or viewing them) and also allows you to assign a separate status per step/expected result. We will also make sure to look into your suggestions for a future version, thanks again!