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Feature Request: Step-by-step test cases


I’ve come to TestRail from HP’s Quality Center, and the only thing I miss is the ability to go through a test case one step at a time, rather than have all the steps displayed at once.

For us, the Integration test cycle will often require 10s of steps to verify and complete, seeing them all at once can be distracting to testers. This can be worked around by having many smaller tests. Historically though during Integration testing it’s 1 big test (maybe we’re just doing it wrong ;))



Did you know that you can manage test steps in a more structured way in TestRail, so that you can enter each test step in a separate field? While it might not be exactly what you are looking for it does make it easier to work with many test steps. You can learn more about this alternative approach on our website here:

This also allows you to select separate results for the steps in the Add Test Result dialog.



That’s pretty perfect, thank you! :smiley:


I am New user and came across this request, we want to have same. I have Admin/Lead priviledge, when I went to customize the “Steps” System Name value, I found that its greyed out and I can’t rename it. I created a new field as Steps Seperated, which allowed me to add ultiple steps. When I pulled this test in Test run folder and started adding Test results, it didn’t show me multiple test steps and displayed me message as “No test steps available because you are adding multiple test results.” Please suggest.



You cannot change the type of system name of a custom field, so adding a new field for the separated steps custom field (and possibly removing the old steps field afterwards) is the standard way. So, it seems that you have configured the custom fields correctly.

You see this message because you have probably clicked the Add Test Result button at the bottom of the page which is meant for adding a test result to multiple tests. And since multiple tests can have different steps, this message is shown instead of the steps. Could you please check if you see the expected behavior when you click on the status of a test (to add a test result for just one test) or when click the Add Test Result button directly on the test page?



That’s funny because I’m totally the opposite. I like my testers to be able to see all steps on one page so that can get the next X steps ahead and have less obstacles to completing steps. I have just gone through configuring individual test step results also. Ideally I want to reduce the clicking and load times required to run through a test, while still collecting results per step.
It just goes to show - different strokes for different folks.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback! The new three-pane view introduced with TR 5.1 makes it very fast to go through your tests and this version also introduces several new keyboard shortcuts and a one-click pass and next feature:

The new view works well with both separated steps or the default text-based configuration.