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Feature Request: Start & End Dates on Report schedules


Request an End date for scheduled Reports so they stop executing

Example: (but this would be a feature to the reporting functionality)

Milestone Summary - I currently have a Milestone with and end date of 02/20/2017 (Hand off of a Service Pack release). I currently have a daily report being generated that emails out, but once the testing is complete and have handed off I no longer need this report running anymore.

In fact I’ll have at least three different Milestones overlapping.

I have to go in and delete the scheduled report. I have plenty of other things I need to get done as part of a release, so adding this is on as a process is slightly annoying.

Feature request: suspend/disable (not delete) a Scheduled Report

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this makes sense and we are happy to look into this.



This would really be a nice to have.


+1 This would be very helpful. Both Start & End dates would be a great benefit!