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Feature request: Special instructions for test suites/sections


As a manager, it would be particularly useful to be able to include some commentary related to a particular test suite or section, to memorialize information that related to the test cases within. Such commentary could include special account access credentials that might be needed to complete the test cases, special instructions (global preconditions), or simply “thought adjusting” overview information intended to help guide testers.

Obviously, something similar could be accomplished using the preconditions slot (or on test runs), but (again obviously) maintaining that information over time becomes much easier if it can be handled in a single, more global area that lived with the test suites themselves, rather than having to update (copy/paste) to potentially many individual test cases…and “naked” lists of test cases can sometimes not be enough to give testers the autonomy that they require (at least in my organization).

If something like this can already be accomplished, please point me in the right direction!


– 2+ years using TesRail and loving it


Hello Stephen,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail :slight_smile:

Additional details about test suites and/or sections can be added to the Description field of test suites. This field is fully markdown-enabled and therefore supports rich-text (e.g. lists) and this makes it ideal to add additional context information to a test suite. The same field is also available for test runs and test plans.



Right you are…I’d forgotten about the Description field, thanks for the tip!

However, it would still be nice to have a description field at the section level :slight_smile: Although I realize that a workaround would be to create a new suite when comments on a section are called for, but this wouldn’t really be ideal in most cases.

Thanks again.


This is something our testers have asked about from time to time too. Whilst the description field is useful, when suites get large and each section may require some information, the description field could get long very quickly. It’s also not really easy to navigate back up from a long way down the page, etc, not to mention you guys generally say that it’s recommended not to have too many suites.

If sections (or subsections) could have a description of their own, and if that description (if set) could then be pulled into the test case in the ‘test’ view, it would save us having to populate the preconditions of each case with section-specific data, and help in terms of tester productivity.


Hello Stephen, Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it is already planned to look into this and we already had this on our todo list (I’ve just added two additional votes, thank you!).