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Feature Request: Sortable Test Runs & Results page


I’d like to request this for most of the general pages, actually, but the Test Runs & Results page is the most important one to me now. We have at any given time at least 20-30 Test Plans for a single project that is ongoing. Right now it sorts alphabetically which makes it easy to find things if you are thinking that way :slight_smile:

I would prefer to be able to sort it by milestone date (if there is one attached to the Test Plan/Run), as well as by last updated, etc.



Hello Steve,

I agree that this would be useful (important even) to have and we are looking into adding such and other UI enhancements next year. Ideally we want to work through a longer list of “smaller” improvements early next year but we have not yet decided exactly which improvements will be implemented.



Thanks. There’s no hurry on this one compared to some of the others that I know you guys are working on.


Hi, Do we have an update on this? is there a voting system here?


Hi Mamuka ,

Thank you for your post. We still have this on our wish list. We do not have a public bug/feature request tracker available. That being said, I would be happy to add your vote to this request.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team