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Feature request: Sizable column dividers


It would be nice to have column divider allowing us to re-size a given column. In the screenshot we see that the ID’s are truncated with no option to resize the header to show the full ID. A minor convenience, but nice to have.




You can do this by going into “Columns” on the upper right and manually setting the size for every column, but I would agree that the column divider to resize the columns would be a great feature. Right now it is kind of a guess on what size you need to make for every column.

  • John


Hi Kent, John,

Thanks for your posting and feedback. Yes, you can already use the Columns button to change the width (and change the column layout in general) but making this easier to use (by directly resizing the tables) is something we would like to add for a future version.



Changing column with (called “size” here) is only possible when adding. Later this field is enabled but not possible to edit the value.

4 me this means as workaround: delete column with “wrong” size and add it again with perfect size :slight_smile:

And of course it would be nice if you just could drag the column header separator as we are used to anywhere else…


It can be adjusted at any time. You need to click on the the Select Columns and delete the old value first (hit the delete key 2 or 3 times)… Then type in the new value you want.


I see ok, this way it works. I’m fine with this - NP :slight_smile:

I marked the digit(s) to replace and tried to enter replacement value, this way it does not behave as standard.


But back to the main Topic: Sizable column dividers, anything on the plan?


How it is done has been complained about recently - it confused me a bit as I highlighted it and tried to type over. :slight_smile: