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Feature Request: Simplify the removing of old reports, i.e. delete multiple reports


I’d like to be able to select several old reports and delete them.

Use Case: During our testing I’ve created some scheduled reports, i.e. every day around 15 reports were created and now I’d like to remove them.


Hi DKim,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this was requested before and it’s planned to look into this. Old reports are hidden via pagination eventually and TestRail will only show the latest N reports per section but I understand that deleting many of them is a bit time consuming currently.


Feature request: select multiple test steps for deletion

Also in Feature Request: Expand/Collapse Sections for Test Suites & Cases:

Looks like, that your internal feature request list should be public, at least to avoid the duplications of the feature requests.


Hi DKim,

As mentioned, our feature request list is internal currently and we use this list and this forum to track feature requests, open todos and future versions. I think especially this forum is a great place to share feedback and most features we’ve added to TestRail over time are directly based on customer feedback.



Hi Tobias,
Please add me to the list of users requesting a means of cleaning up multiple reports other than one-at-a-time with a verification prompt. I’m not against the idea of verifying that I want to delete a report, but it’s a really annoying process right now. If I could at least multi-select reports to delete, it would be so much better!


Hi FranC,

Thanks for your feedback! Your vote is added.



+1 on better Report management.


+1 on better Report management.


+1 not only for removing old generated reports, but also for removing scheduled reports in bulk.