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Feature Request: 'Show All Test Cases' on/off by default via setting


There should be an option to make your choice for ‘Show all test cases’ on a page stick (maybe a Global Setting in the Admin page, or User Preference option too?), so when it’s reloaded you don’t have to select that again and wait for them to be shown.



There’s an option for this under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface where you can configure the pagination limit. Most browsers aren’t good/fast at displaying large tables (with more than 1000 elements), so we limit the amount of cases/tests to display to a small value by default (but which is usually enough to fully display medium large test suites).



Thanks, however the highest I can set this to is 750. We don’t have any performance issues with this number. (in a range of browsers being used)

We’d really appreciate having the option to as many as we want to display, not some arbitrary limit. Maybe it could have an option for unlimited, but warn users it might be slow?


Thanks for the update. We will look into it for one of the next versions.