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[Feature Request] Shortcut for dialogs



this is a quite small feature request, but one I really miss.

In any dialog I find myself hitting CMD + Return (on Mac) to confirm my editing. Similar when using gmail and I’m done writing, I simply hit CMD+Return and the mail is send.

I would love to see this also in TestRail that when you done editing in any dialog you can simply hit the shortcut and the dialog accepts the editing and closes.

Its for the lazy persons :wink:


and CTRL+S seems to do the job…
also CTRL+Return seems to work

nice and one happy lazy person more :smile:



TestRail already supports shortcuts on you can find a full list of supported shortcuts here:

You can submit dialogs with Enter (if no input control is focused), forms with Ctrl+S and there are tons of other shortcuts to make TestRail very efficient to use :slight_smile: