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Feature Request: sharing test cases between suites



Firstly we love using test rails here! Great work everyone!

The product we provide to our customers can vary with different flows depending on which settings are turned on for that particular customer on our product.

We currently have a Master Test Suite with Sections where we dump our test cases as we go through sprints.

What I found beneficial was that I created a separate test suite to the master, which has Sections in a particular order in order for the test run to populate the test cases in that order.

The trouble I am having is I have to duplicate the test cases from master test suite on to the new one which has a particular structure in order to aide me with the order of the test cases in the test run when created.

Firstly: Is there a better way of achieving this effect? i.e. able to manipulate the ordering of test cases within the test run.

Secondly: If not can we have a new feature where we dont have to recreate a test case if it already exists? i.e. if its in master test suite, I want to be able to use it in test suit A and I dont want it to disappear from the master.

NOTE: We dont want to create duplicates. This is so if we need to update a test case, it is updated on all test suites it is in.


Is there any update on this? Am I commenting this in the wrong area? Please let us know. It will be a shame to look for another solutions for our needs.