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Feature Request: Shading at Every Other Line in Test Run View


The UI looks great and I understand this could completely change that. The issue I have is that when I’m scanning multiple test groups with more than 25 tests, looking for Untested cases that I might be able to complete based on current servers status or other variables, I find it necessary to use the mouse to provide the row shadow so my eyes can glance from one side of the other. Either that or I can realign my columns and shrink my browser so that titles and status are closer.



Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you like TestRail’s UI! I’ve added this as a feature request for now, thank you. You can already filter for untested tests using the test filter and I think this would work well for your use case:

You can alternatively also just click on the Status column header in the table to sort/group your tests by the Status attribute.