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Feature Request: Setting To Enable/Disable Auto-Expanding Of Sections


The ability to create new sections and sub-sections is very handy as we are adding and ordering test cases in test suites.

When organizing and re-ordering sections in test suites it is easiest to collapse different sections and subsections. However, once you move a section or sub-section the entire tree expands again.

If there was a setting to enable/disable the auto-expanding of sections the maintaining of these sections would be much easier.


Hello Doug,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we are aware of this and this will be addressed with the upcoming 4.0 release (available this quarter) which also introduces many other suite and tree related changes (e.g. it also keeps the expand/collapse state after refreshing the page).

Thanks again,


Thank you, Tobias, especially for such a speedy reply. It is most appreciated.