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Feature request: set Read/Write permission on fields at case level

There are several situations where I would like (tremendously!) to grant a team member the ability (permission) to update a single field at the case level, but prevent modification of any other field. To clarify, this is for the case management done under the “Test Suites & Cases” tab.

Examples: ( 1 ) the person assigned to automating a test could update the “Test Automation Status” custom field (e.g., to set it to “In Progress” or “Done” or “Blocked”), but could not change any other field.
( 2 ) A tester might update a “tags” field per this Maintenance tag for test cases request by @Joachim.
( 3 ) Individual field permissions might be useful for this Test case customization feature request by @Arita.

As currently exists in 6.0, a person either can edit (update) all fields in a case, or none of them. I am asking for something more granular (even if it does complicate things a bit more “under the hood”).