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Feature Request: Send Report as PDF Attachment


Hello there,

Thank you for your post and the screenshot. It appears that your browser for some reason is having issues loading the included CSS to render the report correctly. This could possibly be caused by a security setting that is set in your browser or an extension that is being loaded.

Some things you can try, if you have not already are:

  • Load the report while running Chrome in Incognito Mode (this disables all extensions for the current session)
  • Try loading the report in a different browser and see if it renders correctly

Additionally, does this rendering issue happen for all users that try to open the report?


Add another vote for me! We need this or at least being able to select some other options as to how to send the report.


Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve added your vote!



Please take my vote for sending the report as PDF or mail should be sent in the body rather than attachment.


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your feedback, vote added!



Voted for PDF report attachment


Your vote has been added. Thanks :slight_smile:


Dear Gurock team,

It’s really awesome that you’ve been adding votes to this mythical hidden list. This topic has received votes for close to four years. I’m sure the mystery and secrecy of the voting system will continue to keep us customers excited and on edge but is there ANY indication you can give to us if this will EVER be implemented? Don’t worry about the answer. Even if you say “No! This is never going to happen.” is OK. It’s at least an ANSWER rather than a vote that lasts for years. Answers, no matter what they are, help customers make informed decisions which in turn keeps them happy. Happy customers are good for your business and you end up making more money. Think about that.

I’ll probably get a pre-canned response or no response at all, so consider the post rhetorical.



Hi Sriram,

Thanks for your reply and feedback! We still have plans to look into this and are exploring alternative report format options for e-mailed reports for a future update to TestRail. With the recent news that Google mail and potentially other mail providers blocking JavaScript, we know that other options might work better for email. That said, we don’t have any timeframe/ETA that we can provide for this, and there are many factors (including customer feedback) that go into prioritizing various feature requests. In this case, there are workarounds as users can be added to TestRail to view reports directly in TestRail, or PDFs can be generated when accessing the report via your browser’s Print to PDF feature so that they can be sent manually via email if this is mission critical for your team. I’ve added your vote and feedback to this request as well. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

I am sorry, but adding users to Testrail is not an acceptable option. I completely understand that your Testrail revenue generation is tied to user licenses but suggesting that to customers as an option is downright insulting. I have to send reports to my entire management team which includes line, senior and executive team members. This could be as many as 25 people and growing (product managers, support team managers, supply chain managers etc - the list can be endless). Creating (burning) 25 accounts so these folks can see an automated report is ridiculous. I understand you have many articles and topics suggesting that having users in Testrail brings developers and testers closer and makes product development more efficient. I can see that angle but suggesting that management folks for whom Testrail is useless and don’t have the time or desire to login into a tool of no consequence to their daily duties makes no sense. Even if I do give them accounts in Testrail, they will refuse to take the time login and click through to find this information. Their time is better spent elsewhere. I’m pretty sure many Testrail customers are in this situation. Here’s an idea - How about you change your EULA to allow read-only common accounts? I don’t have a problem burning an account or two for the simple purpose of looking at a report.

Also, creating pdfs manually for the purpose of sending them out to your audience defeats the purpose of AUTOMATED reports.

I am not asking you give me the tool for free but there is a thin line between charging your customers for what it is really useful for vs. fleecing them for every little bit possible. I bought this tool because I thought it would make my (and my team’s) life easier. But something as basic as reports in quickly readable format not being supported is astonishing.



Hi Sriram,

Thanks for your feedback! As mentioned previously, we do have plans to review this for a future update to TestRail. Adding stakeholders to TestRail is a good fit for many teams that don’t require a lot of extra licenses for this, however we know it may not be the right fit for all teams. This isn’t an attempt to upsell, as this is just one of the several workarounds for the limitation from your mail provider, and the automated mail feature still works as expected in TestRail. That said, we do have plans to look into this and all feedback is taken into consideration when prioritizing these, so we greatly appreciate your feedback!



Vote for enhancement.


Hi Rich,

Thanks for your reply, vote added!



Not ideal but as a stop-gap, but to those who are desperate for this feature
You could set up Windows task scheduler and powershell to open the mht, “print” to pdf then email.

Takes a bit of effort, trial and error to get it working but it is very much doable.

I had done this in a previous role but was about 4 years ago when I set it up so I would have to figure it out again and as I currently have no need for it, it’s not something I can get into specifics about.

If I have time at some point i’ll try and create a tutorial but it will be some time off in the future.

Also to take some of the heat off of the Gurock crew, custom PDF solutions take a lot of work to integrate, and off the shelf solutions can cost big $ in licensing and still come with in a large overhead in integration.


Hello, any updates on the “Send as PDF attachment” feature?

I’m currently evaluating TestRail, as well as other tools, as a Test Management Tool for my company and because we use Google’s G Suite, we don’t receive emails with ZIP file attachments (due to Google blocking those emails, ref:

The other solution of sending emails with link to the reports is not an option because, as other people previously mentioned, we do not want to waste licenses in order to give execs/management just access to reports.

Thank you.


A vote from me as well. Not a deal breaker, but would certainly be nice to have.


+1 from me as well, PDF makes life easier for the stakeholders to check the reports sent over email.
I see the last update was on Oct 17th, Do we have this feature already?


There has not been a release since last September.


+1 from here, been evaluating this since beginning of the year. Very promising, except PDF attachments would be highly needed.
I can’t request the management to save and open a zip file everyday to see the progress.


+1 for this feature
Seems like a no brainer to me!