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Feature Request: Send Report as PDF Attachment


Thanks for your feedback!



Hello Guruck team,
As a new user I was wondering if Id missed something, I would also like to add my vote for including this feature in future releases.


Thanks for your feedback, Sam, happy to add another vote!



I’d also like to vote for this feature request.

Like most of the other posters here my boss will only accept pdf files. We use a lot of mobile devices to view reports so this seems like a really good idea to make happen going forward, especially with the global push for mobile support.

I look forward to this option to send pdfs in e-mail to optimize this process.


Thanks for your feedback, Michael!



I guess this is now the most requested feature here in the forum.
Hopefully we will get this in the next update and everyone will be super happy :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, Daniel :slight_smile:



Add another vote for this feature. I consistently have to have run the report, open it, print it to a PDF printer and then email it out manually.


Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback, added another vote!



Please add another vote for the PDF Feature.

  1. Management is used to PDF
  2. ZIP files are internally blocked due to security reasons, so the feature is currently completely useless for our company


Thanks for your feedback, Thomas! Can you add the TestRail sender address to an email whitelist? If you are using TestRail Cloud, emails come from or



+1 for PDF format, required for management who do not want to perform another manual step.



Thanks for your feedback!



Hi there! Any chance we could find out if this is actually on the roadmap? There are now years of requests on this. It seems clear that we REALLY want this feature…


Hi Danny,

Thanks for your feedback. This feature is still on our feature request and todo list. We currently cannot be more specific unfortunately and say if or when this will be added but it’s definitely planned to look into this again for a larger report focused release update. Happy to add another vote to this feature request, thank you!




+1 for PDF Format.

This functionality would be extremely useful as these reports are sent to external clients who do not have access to TestRail. The .zip format although retains the look and feel of TestRail is a bit clunky for external users who have to download, unzip and then view the reports in a browser. Have the report in a PDF format would speed up the process and add the ability to view off line quite easily.

Are there any indications when this feature is likely to be developed and delivered?



Thanks for your feedback, Bryan! We currently don’t have an estimate or expected time frame for this feature but I’m happy to add another vote.



+1 vote for save to PDF.

Being able to share and archive reports outside of TestRail is mission critical to ensure our stakeholders have insight into testing. Having to use the ZIP/HTML option is not end user friendly or intuitive for users who aren’t expecting it. If there is any confusion with the file, it’s likely that it simply won’t be read.

While printing to a PDF is a usable workaround, it turns off a lot of users who expect the direct “save to PDF” functionality to be present. When they find it is not a default option, it damages their faith in the overall quality of the tool.

Anything that can help make the reports as easy to generate and consume as possible is a definite win for the tool.


Thanks for your feedback, Ryan. The primary reason for using ZIP/HTML is that the reports look exactly the same as in TestRail but I understand that having additional options would be great to have as well. I added another vote to this feature request, thank you!



+1 vote from me too.
I love TestRail and think this would be a fantastic feature to make it even faster and more straightforward for sending a testing overview to my Project Managers (most of whom wouldn’t really know to extract a zip file etc).
At present, I am ‘Printing to PDF’ and then emailing the report as that way, there are no extra steps for the end recipient to have to go through to view the report).