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Feature Request: Send Report as PDF Attachment


Another vote for this feature!


Added, thanks Pawel :slightly_smiling:



I’m voting for this too


Added! :slightly_smiling:



Please, please, please add the ‘send/download as PDF’ feature! I have a client who wants a lot of reports, and opening a print dialog each time to save as PDF is a headache. Sending it to them as a zip/HTML is not an option.


Added to the list, thanks!



1 more vote for the PDF report feature. My boss needs all the testing reports in that format.


Hello José,

Thanks for your feedback! You can print the reports and most browsers nowadays provide a Save As PDF feature which will generate a PDF version of the report.



Add my vote. Management prefers receiving as pdf format, usage of browsers varies from users. Forwarding reports to external sources as pdf is preferred as well.


Thanks for your feedback, Jay, added to the list!



+1 for PDF or some format that’s easy for use on mobile.

From mobile, ZIP file doesn’t extract HTML, and not possible to access TR server over VPN from phone.

So link and zip file are useless for my org as a notification other than “your pancakes are ready.”

For comparison, there are multiple other reporting systems that can send out PDFs of dashboards and reports as an attachment that everyone can open and read on our mobile devices. We send using a particular template so folks will know if something looks different from what’s expected.

Would TRULY LOVE PDF format attachments for report notifications.

Or, is there something I’m doing wrong?


Hello John,

Thanks for your feedback! The ZIP/HTML option has a few advantages over PDF (such as the exact same look & feel like the reports in TestRail), but I agree that this isn’t the best option for mobile devices. You can, however, print the reports to PDF via most web browsers and then sent those PDFs manuall but I understand that this is not the same as direct PDF support from TestRail’s side. It’s planned to review this for a future version of TestRail again and I just added another vote to this feature request, thanks!



Add my vote. We need the Reports as PDFs too, because of the reasons above.


Thanks for your feedback, Christina, added another vote :slight_smile:



I vote for a PDF version as well.


Added, thanks :slight_smile:



Here is my up vote for this feature. I agree the html look better, but when updating others that is not the highest priority.

I learned when starting out how to print to PDF and then attach it to mail but now this requires manual intervention.

Is there a way to see the feature request list and vote on it without having to waste Gurock time to do this?

Thanks for your time.


It is an internal list


Hello Paul,

It’s an internal list as Brian mentioned but we have a pretty good understanding of popular feature requests and which area to focus on next. Happy to add another vote to this feature, thanks for your feedback!



Please add my vote for this feature. Thank you.