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Feature Request: Send Report as PDF Attachment


Love the new reporting features, but was wondering if we could set the reports to be sent as attached PDFs rather than as ZIP html? Would make it easier to quickly open it.



Hello Marcus,

Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not supported due to a number of reasons but I’ve added this to our feature request list for now. Thanks for the suggestion!



I really need this feature! My VP is refusing to accept reports from TestRail in HTML (zipped) form, and is insisting on getting PDFs emailed to him on a regular basis.

Please can this feature be added to a future (hopefully close) release?



Hello James,

Thanks for your feedback on this. The reports currently do not support PDFs and we recommend using the ZIP/HTML version. The HTML version also has a few advantages over PDFs (such as context highlighting for charts etc.). It’s already planned to add support for additional formats (such as PDFs) and we will make sure to look into this for a future version. We currently recommend using the ZIP/HTML version though which also works well.



Hi Tobias,

I wanted to add a vote for this feature or at least something similar. My true desire would be for the report to be embedded within the body of the email itself so my manager, team members, etc. do not even have to open an attachment; a PDF version would at least get us by though. Most of my users who need this do not have access to Test Rail and are only using for progress and defect tracking.



Hey Guys, maybe not possible in your company due to IT restrictions but you could easily print the html reports to a pdf document via printing dialog(if pdf printing is supported)



We usually recommend using the report ZIPs (HTML/JS version) as they look and feel exactly the same as the reports in TestRail. You can alternatively use a PDF printer to generate PDFs from a report (just click the printer icon in TestRail when viewing a report and then print to a PDF, e.g. with a PDF printer driver).



I am looking at the html reports and when I view the html file in a browser (Chrome) the format is awful - no graphs are shown and the layout is allover the place. If I save the report as a pdf file it looks really good however I cannot automatically generate and email in this format. Is it the settings on my browser that need to be looked at to at least see the attachment properly. Otherwise the format they are displayed in now is not worth looking at. I can forward an email with the attachment if required


Ignore my last post - user error in extracting the zip files :smile:


+1 from me on this request. Automated reports is the way forwards, so having this as a PDF attachment for users to view quickly and easily is ideal.


Great to hear that you got it working, Irene :smile: Depending on the platform (e.g. on Windows), it’s required to extract the full ZIP in order to load the style sheet/JavaScript files.

Simon: thanks for your feedback, added your vote to the list!



Are there any updates on plans to include PDF reports into the product? If not, I’ll like to vote for this feature on behalf of my team. Thanks,



Thanks for your feedback, Phil. We still recommend the HTML/ZIP option as this is the version with the best look & feel but we also understand the demand for a PDF version. We currently do not have an update on this feature request but I’m happy to add your vote to the list, thanks again!



I replied to a similar thread on PDF reports a while back. While you can’t exactly email it directly from Testrail, Google Chrome does allow you to “print” to a pdf file which you can then email. Just click the print icon when viewing the report.

I use this all the time now as the plan report forms part of our test exit documentation.


Thanks for sharing your feedback on this! That’s what we also recommend to generate PDF files and the built-in PDF print support by most browsers work really well with TestRail’s reports.



You can also add my vote for this feature :smile:


Added to the list, thanks Daniel! :smile:



This would definitely be a nice feature to have - just to streamline the process for people who are sent the report.



Any update on this feature request? This is greatly needed.


We would still recommend the HTML/ZIP version as this would match the report’s look & feel in TestRail (it’s basically the same report). You can also send the HTML/ZIP version to others users via email and you can even automate this with TestRail’s report notifications.