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Feature request: Selecting test cases for Configurations


I’ve recently started to use the Configurations feature in my test plans, and like that it saves a lot of time when duplicating the same test runs over multiple environments.

However, if I need to edit the test cases set for just one particular Configurations-generated test run (for example, to remove one or two test cases not applicable to that environment), I have to start from scratch - they don’t inherit the filtered or pre-selected set of test cases from their parent test run, at least not in their own “Select Cases” dialog.

To illustrate, here’s my process step-by-step:

  1. Create new test plan and add a test run to it.
  2. “Select cases” on that test run; choose an appropriate subset of test cases.
  3. Press “Configurations” and choose the desired environments etc.
  4. One of those environments has a couple of test cases that aren’t applicable, so press “select” on the “Test Cases” column (next to “As Above”)
  5. The subset of test cases selected in step 2 is not represented in the Select Cases dialog here; you have to select each test case from scratch (or use filters etc.) rather than working backwards from what you selected before.

It’d be great if TestRail remembered the selection you’d made in the parent test run, and copied it across to the cloned Configurations runs when editing.