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Feature Request: See Test Plan name on Test Results screen


On the index.php?/cases/results/ screen, it’d be really useful for us to be able to see the name of the test plan that each result was generated from.



Hello Dwayne,

Thanks for your posting. This is already on our list of things to look into and I’ve just added another vote. It haven’t made it into the new 4.0, but we will make sure to look into this again for one of the next versions.

Thanks again,


Still keen to see this feature :slight_smile: Actually I forgot I wrote this and went to create a new request when I saw it appear in the “your topic is similar to” list.



We will make sure to look into this for a future version :smile: Thanks again for your feedback!



Thanks a lot for implementing this in 5.0! Cheers


Hi Dwayne!

Great to hear that :slight_smile: This is also available on the new History & Context tabs for tests & results by the way.