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Feature request: See assignee in Test Plan view


Our QA team works with Test Plans a lot and we miss one thing in the Test Plan view.

When we want to see what suites are assigned to what people, we need to open test suites one by one and see the assignee column.

What we would like to achieve is a view of test suites and assignees in Test Plan (picture attached).

If we have it:

  1. it will be visible if test suites are assigned or not
  2. we will be able to find a person’s test suite easily
  3. it will be visible how many test suites were tested by a person
  4. it will be visible how many testers joined testing

I know that there is a TODO view but it does not show the list of test suites with asignees. It also requires opening another page and filtering :frowning:

What do you think about that?

If you agree, we would also appreciate if we can set assignee from Test Plan view because one tester usually tests whole test suite.


Avast Software