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Feature Request: Secondary Sort


Currently, it is only possible to sort by one column at a time, like ‘Priority’ or ‘Assigned To’. It would be nice to be able to sort by ‘Priority’ as the primary sorting method, and then secondarily sort by ‘Assigned To’ to see all Unassigned test cases for Priority 1 at the top (or bottom if you so choose). Right now, once you sort by ‘Priority’, the natural secondary sort uses Status, then by case ID… like so:

1 - 1578 - Failed
1 - 9726 - Retest
1 - 2763 - Untested
2 - 2765 - Untested
3 - 8726 - Untested

I understand how this could be beneficial for some, but it would be nice as a filter or user-level/global-level option that could be configurable considering there is already a natural secondary sort in place.


Hi Ryan - I’ve added this to our list of feature requests, but we don’t have a specific timeline for implementation yet.

Once we have a better idea of how this fits into our roadmap, I’ll let you know.



Hi Simon,

We would also find this feature useful for prioritising our work. Please could you add a vote for this feature request from me?



Add a vote for this feature please :slight_smile:


2x votes added!



Add a 3rd vote for this please